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Galp Energia Group
Fernandez De La Hoz,
61,28003, Madrid SPAIN
Tel: +34 603 397 748
E-mail: info@galpenergia-es.com
Contact Person: Mr. Joel M. Smith

The Galp Energia group

The Galp Energia group consists of the company Galp Energia and its subsidiary companies, among them, Petróleos de Portugal - Petrogal S.A., GDP – Gás de Portugal, SGPS, S.A., Galp Power, SGPS, S.A., and Galp Energia, S.A., as well as by its customers, employees and shareholders. Its primary mission is to create value, based on ethically sound and transparent principles.

Galp Energia is the Portuguese company with more experience in the energy sector, having already three centuries of success. To accomplish success, its customer-oriented organisational structure is vital, not only for meeting customers’ needs but also for respecting integrity and transparency principles.

The activity of our Company is also based on key pillars, such as teamwork and individual development, entrepreneurship, results orientation, innovation and continuous improvement, and finally human and environmental safety.